Pulmonary Care

Pulmonary care is for those that are afflicted by health conditions that reduce lung function. Pulmonary rehabilitation helps to increase lung function in residents that have conditions like COPD and emphysema. Our skilled team at Arbors at Milford will review resident needs and help them to live their best lives. All the while creating a stronger environment to push past any conditions.

The skilled nursing staff at Arbors at Milford will review resident health and lung function to determine the best course of action. Our team will conduct medical tests to help diagnose ailments affecting lung functionality and sleep. Tests show exercise levels, lung functionality, and more.

Once ailments and conditions are evaluated, the skilled nursing team at Arbors at Milford creates structured plans to lead to healthier lives. Programs consist mainly of upper body exercises, proper breathing techniques, and ventilator training. Every resident has different challenges, and our team tailors plans for every resident’s specific needs.

The pulmonary services at Arbors at Milford offer sleep studies to help residents determine any issues affecting their sleep. Residents have the ability to have their sleep analyzed by a specialist to assess any problems. A polysomnogram conducted by a sleep professional determines the ailments affecting sleep. Residents affected by heavy snoring, daytime fatigue, and lack of sleep are all candidates to have this study conducted. The test will take place overnight, and a professional will supervise residents during their sleep. This will help to determine what may be causing any sleep ailments.

Of course, the dedicated nurses and therapists take their jobs here at Arbors at Milford very seriously. As a result, our nursing staff offers care with warmth, dignity, and respect. Our top priority is to make sure you and your loved one always feel cared for, right from your very first, “hello.”

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